It is essential to understand that Medicare only covers part A and Part B plans. These are the plans that cater to the medical cost which include home care and nursing aids. However, the prescription drugs are not covered by Medicare, and they may incur high costs if the seniors opt to buy in cash.

The main reason for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 is that it pays for where original Medicare cannot pay.

It has 12 different plans upon which one can opt to choose one according to the need which all offer substantial benefits. If one requires to have Medicare supplement plans and have a salary which is remitted on a monthly basis, then Medicare becomes the best option to go for.

The reasons then as to why a senior would need the plan are;

  1. The plan is cheap, and any senior with reliable income can afford. Since Medicare supplement plan has different options, the mentioned 12 plans which the government has allowed different companies to offer, then it support even those who are not well financially to sort out issues and come up with insurance that will give them support in case of need.
  2. Applying for Medicare is not a complicated process- Once you understand how it operates, then it becomes possible even to ask for preventive insurance whether you are in the country or have traveled away from the state of residence.
  3. Seniors who are over 65 and above with some fixed income. This happens to be a very accommodative type of insurance because you are well assured that the extra costs that are above Part A and B will be covered.
  4. Because of the many options that Medicare supplement offers, one only needs to work on the budget that he would wish to use on the plan and choose amongst the available options the one that best fits him which as an added advantage since anything to do with guesswork is eliminated.
  5. A person with Medicare does not have to keep worrying should you find that the cover is not sufficient enough to cater for the entire medication, since Medicare supplement is on standby and readily available whenever needed.
  6. The copay, coinsurance, and other deductibles are managed by the supplement plans which if only one has the Medicare cover, then one will have to pay from the pockets which adds more costs from the pocket.