Medicare Supplement plans for Smokers and non-smokers vary, is it true

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How does it work out?

A person 65 year old may enroll in a Medicare Supplement F plan as it may save around 10% on an average on the premiums paid monthly, if they are non-smokers. This is based on the analysis done by the health team.


There is no doubt that the Medicare Supplement plans in the market vary greatly by state owing to the underwriting as well as the compliance rules. In fact, in some states, charging smokers is considered illegal for a Medicare Supplement Plans. On the other hand, some states have made it illegal to charge men and women with price difference.  For instance, the states that permit pricing difference as per gender, it is observed that the men pay 5% more in comparison to the women when they are 65 as per the Medicare supplement plans F.


There are Medicare Supplement plans of 10 types available throughout the nation. 40% are enrolled in Plan F and thus it is considered highly popular. Taking into consideration the monthly premiums on an average for a non-smoker and a smoker enrolled in Plan F in a Medicare Supplement at age 65 informs various details such as:


  • The smokers pay more by 10% in Plan F on an average.
  • The insurance companies in many states do not provide such non-smokers discounts.


There is difference with each state such as Alaska revealed lowest non-smoker average premium as $128 a month, while it was $140 for smoker for the same plan. This reveals there is difference in premiums, based on health risk.