How the Medicare Advantage Plans differ from the Medicaid policies?

The Federal and the different state Governments in the USA offers arrays of medical benefit plans to ensure that the US residents have access to proper Medical facilities, irrespective of having low income. Apparently, this might appear to be a candid opportunity for the residents, however, should you want these plans to offer you the appropriate coverage when you will need it the most, it is necessary that you have chosen the most suitable plan.

The Medicare Advantage Plans and the Medicaid are among the most popular health schemes for the people in the US. Here are the key differences between these 2 plans.

Who offer these schemes?

 As for the 2018 Medicare Advantage Plans, it is offered by the Federal Government in collaboration with the Private Insurance companies, approved by Medicare. On the other hand, the Medicaid policy comes from the state government. Thus, the former plan is under the jurisdiction of the Federal government, while the latter is jointly operated and monitored by the Federal and  different state governments in the country. As such, the Medicaid policy has significant points of differences in different states in terms of the rules & regulation, extent and scope of coverage as well as the premium rate.

Who are the target customers for these schemes?

The Medicare Advantage Plans are targeted to individuals, who have attained the minimum age of 65 years and are having grave disabilities. On the other hand, the Medicaid policy is meant for the Low income group individuals.

However, you need to keep in mind that based on certain conditions, an individual can qualify for both these policies and for such individuals, these policies, jointly, offer the most robust health protection, even if they come within the category of low income group. Basically, both these policies are designed in line with the social welfare objectives of the Federal and state governments and their purpose is to ensure that no residents are deprived of adequate medical care for inability to afford the rising cost of medications.

While picking these plans, you need to ensure that the plans are personalized to the extent that it meets your probable health care needs and is offering you some significant coverage, in terms of the scopes and extent of the coverage. You should always opt for the schemes with the highest star rating that indicates superior performance of the plans, consistently for the last few years.