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Lin4astro takes more than 5 minutes to launch, is this normal ?

Everything you run from a CD is inevitably slow. Depending on your computer, Lin4astro can take from a few minutes to up to 1/4 hour to start, it's completely normal: you've got a complete OS on a CD, not a hard drive and of course data is compressed; so every application you launch has to be decompressed. It is time consuming, but it can be improved.

How to improve startup time ?

At least 2 methods might be used: You can use a USB key on which you copy your home directory. Details can be found on the Lin4astro desktop. The second one justs consists in physically installing Lin4astro on your hard drive. You will need 5 Go left on your drive to do this. See that well documented page for details http://knoppixfr.tuxfamily.org/index.php?page=installhd.

Lin4astro is not exepected to install itself but the hard drive insists in running anyway. Why ?

Lin4astro uses free space on your hard drive as virtual memory, but it leaves your drive unchanged when you stop Lin4astro.

What you will need to test Lin4Astro ?
Not much really :
-> a CD drive
-> at least part of the hard drive formatted in FAT32.

NB: If you use W95 or W98, your drive is in FAT32, no problem. If you use WXP, you are in NTFS, you will have to create a FAT32 partition (see the faq for more information).

I use Windows XP and all my partitions are NTFS volumes.
FAT32 and NTFS are filesystems, that is, protocols that defined how files are stored, sorted and accessed to on the hard drive itself. FAT32 was used in W95 and W98 but has been replaced by NTFS that implement some enhancements. But the definition of NTFS is not publicly accessible, so linux support for that filesystem is still partial at the moment. It is for exemple impossible to create a file on a NTFS filesystem under linux, the file must exist before linux tries to write in it. That is why we need to use FAT32 that allows creating, writing, reading without any problem under linux.

Ok, but how could I create a FAT32 volume ?
You just have to create a partition to be formatted in FAT32. Several tools can do that for you: under windows: Partition Magic under Linux: Qt Parted (->system -> Qt-parted)

WARNING: creating partitions is easy but is also easily destructive if something weird happens, no matter you are doing that under Windows or under Linux. Backing up important data is a must-do before starting ANY (re-)partitioning work.

Here is the procedure to avoid problems:
defrag your hard drive, up to 5 times. If you can, make a scandisk, backup your data and only then you are go for (re-)partitioning.

Qastrocam refuses to start.

1. Check that the webcam is properly connected.
2. If your laptop processor is older that the PIII generation, some instructions might cause some trouble. Contact us.

Other questions ? Meet you on the forum.

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