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April 24, 2012 16:53:51
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Welcome in the Lin4Astro website. You will find here last news about ths Linux distribution which is specialy designed for an Astronomical use and you will be able to download it here free too..

What is lin4astro ?

Lin4Astro is a simplified linux distribution, contained in only 1 CD, and including all the stuff needed to acquire astronomical pictures using a webcam.

What for ? My Windows can do that very well.

The main advantage of linux vs Windows in that case is that the linux driver for the Philips webcams offers more functionnalities that the windows driver and some of these functionalities have been shown to provide a real improvement in the quality of the images acquirred, especially in long-exposure mode.

Who can be interested ?

First of all, every one who wants to check the linux driver capabilities, and to effectively see the improved images it can provide. Secondly, all the people that would like to give a try to linux but who do not want to start the process of a classical linux installation, that can take some more time and ressources.

How does it work ?

Basically, you just dowload a CD image, then burn it, boot on this CD et voila.

What is included ?

It is built upon a Knoppix-MiB distribution and includes (beyond far more things) the necessary stuff to drive a webcam (and particularly Philips webcam) : the driver itself, qastrocam, the acquisition software, The gimp, image processing tool, kstars, a planetarium...

Great ! I want some...

This way please : link to Lin4Astro

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